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I have always fallen in love with Melaka (Malacca), a warm and exotic city in Asia. Come; let’s relax & enjoy as CityTurtle share with you the historical Melaka, from special hang out places to restaurants, local eateries and many in this Melaka Travel Guide.


Porta de Santiago Porta de Santiago (The oldest surviving European architectures remains in Asia)

Melaka (Malacca) has risen from a “sleepy hollow“ to a very unique city. This is the only place on earth where you could find ruins and monuments both from Asia and Europe within walking distance!

It ranges from the Malay Sultanate, China, India, Dutch, Portuguese, British and even Japanese! Sort of; as the Japanese only leave us the memory but no monuments.

Melaka Dutch Square The Scenery of Melaka Dutch Square
( Victoria Fountain & Clock Tower)

Places of interest are:

Click here to check out the attraction places found in Melaka Travel Guide.

Taking a stroll in Melaka will be like traveling through the era of Malay Sultanate with the mixture of Chinese & India influence, Dutch Empire, Portuguese & British.

TIP: Fastest and easiest way to know about Malaysia? Just visit Melaka!

It is a must visit state or your Malaysia travel tour will be incomplete! Reason, this is where Malaysian history started. Be it from the Malay Sultanate era or the declaration of Malaysia’s independence!

What's so special about Melaka, Malaysia?

Aside from the famous historical attraction places......

The best part about Melaka will be the finger & mouth watering dishes, cakes & desserts!

Satay Satay a local delicacy

Whenever, I think of the Melaka cuisine, automatically I will be swallowing a mouthful of saliva. A picture of a few exotic dishes will be flying in my mind. One, two, three..Oh, its' countless! You simply have to see and try it yourself, as seeing is believing and tasting is unbelievable...

Firstly, Nyonya Baba signature dishes like Pong Teh, Loh Bak, Chap Chai, Itik Tim, Acar and so on. Desserts include Cendol, Bubur Cha Cha & Tai Bak.

By the way, there’s a place in Bkt. Rambai where they serve the best original Cendol in Melaka! Click here for Bukit Rambai Cendol. What I mean by original is that, the Cendol is made from the Cendol leaves itself! No artificial colouring! The colour of the Cendol looked like dark turquoise green. It is served cold on a small bowl with Gula Melaka, coconut milk & boiled red beans in.

Next will be dishes from the Malay, Chinese, Indian & Portuguese Ethnics. Nasi Lemak Kukus, Satay Celup, Nasi Beriani Tanam, Tosai, Roti Canai, Cha Tau Keuy and so on.

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Shopping and more shopping to do.....

Melaka Batik Art Painting A beautiful Batik Painting
by the local Melaka Artist

If you are an antique and arts lover, Melaka town will also be the best shopping place!

Simply take a stroll along Jalan Hang Jebat (previously known as Jonker Street) and along Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock (previously known as Heeren Street). You will find rows of old shops where antique, artifact and arts collection are in abundance. Take your own sweet time to choose and please remember to BARGAIN!

Not a fan of antique and art? Don't worry as there are plenty of shopping complexes around Melaka for you to shop.

  • Mahkota Parade Shopping Centre
  • Dataran Pahlawan Shopping Centre
  • Jaya Jusco Shopping Centre
  • Tesco
  • Madam King
  • Mydin
  • Giant


A gentle reminder from your Melaka travel guide.

What you need to do is to bring enough of $$$ for your shopping spree in Melaka and stamina to cover all the shopping complexes! :)

However, the very most important of all will be.....

The Melakan people, cultural & unique festivals

Hungry Ghost Festival The making of King of Hell for
the Hungry Ghost Festival

Melaka, Malaysia is an interesting blend of the old and new. Aside from the old historical monuments, she is continually thriving with the world modernazation without comprimizing its traditional heritage.

CityTurtle:DatukChacharFestival The Datuk Chachar Festival in Melaka.

As for the Melakan, though we (Malay, Chinese, Indian, Peranakan, Chitty, Portuguese & Orang Asli) came from various cultural background and history. We still proudly preserve our uniquely traditional cultural for the future generations of Melakan.

Interesting cultural practices/trade & unique festivals in Melaka are:

Do you want to know more about what Melaka can offer you? Buckle up; relax and let City Turtle your Melaka travel guide give you a ride to the warm and exotic city of Melaka, Malaysia.

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