Chinese Bachelor Night Party in Malaysia.

No pranks for the groom, just a get together party for relatives and friends

Chinese Bachelor Night Party is totally different from the westerner bachelor party. It is more a family affair and gathering among relatives, friends and neighbours of the groom's family.

Where it is typically held?

Chinese_Bachelor_Night_partyDelicous food

This party is held the night prior to the wedding day either at the groom's house or his parent's house.

The guests will come with gifts and congratulate the parents and groom. Later, everyone will feast on the delicious food prepared by the caterer.

On that night, it's all about chit-chatting, eating and drinking (not until drunk) among the relatives and friends.

There are no pranks, games or hanky-panky events prepared for the groom to celebrate his last night as a bachelor.

Therefore, the bride is rest assured that her husband will not turn sober for the BIG DAY.

The bachelor night party will end before midnight as everyone understands that the groom needs his beauty sleep and enough rest for the traditional Chinese wedding ritual that awaits him tomorrow.

After reading this, won't you agree that Chinese Bachelor Night Party in Malaysia is more of a family affair?

Malacca Bachelor Night Party Resources.

Here I share with you the useful contacts which you may need for your party.

Where to source for food caterer for the bachelor night party?

Our top favourite choice:
Name: Sea World Restaurant in Bkt. Beruang
Address: No 654B, Tmn. Bukit Melaka, Bukit Beruang, 75450, Melaka.
Contact Person: Mr. Yap Heng
Contact details: 012-6016105

Price: Starts from RM15.00/person. (min 50 pax)

Remarks: The dishes are very special and tasty. I personally love and highly recommend the fried lycee prawns, "Tang Kueh Chicken" and "Kong Poh Pork" (similar to Loh Bak). By the way, this restaurant only does catering, they don't serve walk-in-customer.

Tent, canopy and tables for rent?

Name: Sunny Canopy

Contact No: 016-6644111


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