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I love to read and listen to Melaka folklore. Let me share with you....

Each country or state has its own version of folklore and tales. As a Melakan, we (my generation and the more “mature“ generation) have been “living“ and “growing“ with plenty of tales and legends to share. Melaka folklore normally involves the King (Sultan), princess, warriors, mythical animal and not to forget the sprinkle of magic in between! That makes the stories interesting!

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The uniqueness is, most tales and stories of old Melaka are somehow related or closely knitted with our state (Melaka) and Malaysia’s history. Among the famous stories that have been told from one generation to another are:

  1. Hang Tuah and his Five Friends.
  2. The Famous duel between Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat. I share the story in Hang Jebat Mausoleum.
  3. The Princess of Gunung Ledang.
  4. Batu Belah Batu Tertangkup. (Man eating rock)
  5. Pulau Besar. (The mythical and sacred island in Melaka)
  6. Cerita Sang Kancil. (Stories of Sang Kancil’s adventures)
  7. Keris Taming Sari (The Melaka version of Excalibur sword)

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As I remember vividly, most of these folklore and tales have been the favourite film genre somewhere in the early 60’s or 70’s. During that era, all the films are in black and white. Though the films are “old“ ; without special effect and colour. It still bring backs fond memory of my childhood fantasy.

You might find some of the stories might seem irrelevant and outrageous, each tale and story passed down has its own unique story line and “learning curve“ for us to think about.

Have fun watching and reading…

Cultural related folklore, believe & Stories...

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Have you ever wonder why the Chinese must offer Kuih Bakul or Rice cake to the god/goddess during Chinese New Year? This is what my grandma told me.

There are cross-bearing crabs in Melaka, also known locally as St. Francis's crab. Click here to read about this crab.


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