Melaka Vacation with Melaka Public Holiday List

An essential informations for your planning

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With Melaka Public Holiday List, vacation disasters like fully booked hotels, transportation problems and overcrowding of places which you would like to visit could be avoided. Just plan your vacation schedule based on the Public Holidays.

If you prefer a more relax and peaceful trip, avoid visiting places of interest in Melaka during these holidays as the throng could be very big. The list will enable you to enjoy a smooth trip to Melaka.

However, for those have a soft spot for festival celebrations might have a different vacation plan. City Turtle hopes that you will fully utilize the holiday lists. .

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Do you want to feel the atmosphere of celebrating Chinese New Year in Melaka? Come and stay with us one or two days prior to Chinese New Year. The same goes for Wesak Day celebration, Hari Raya Aidil Fitri or Deepavali .

Aside from that you could also plan your budget for your hotel reservation as the hotel rate during will be more expensive during the holiday season and school holidays.

My teacher used to say: “When you do your “homework“ or preparation properly, good results will definitely follow.“

Melaka Public Holidays & Events List

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