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Are you looking for affordable cheap yet nice hawker food in Melaka, Malaysia? Read on for your “tummy’s sake”.

Let me introduce you the choice. Hawker Food! What is it? Generally, it is food sold by small stall operators within one premises with other food operators.

Rarely can you find lone hawker operating within a single premise unless he/she is well known or should I say superbly famous for a particular dish. Normally, the stall operators tend to congregate and offer the best in the local food. They are indeed the master or “professional chef” of one or two dishes!

These stalls are a part of the local scene in Malaysia. The secret of their longevity existence is that the tastiest food is still the home-style dish sold by the individual stall operators. Some have been in this profession for generations.

Where to find them? Some are tucked away in side lanes, along five-foot ways and within or beside a coffee shop premises. These stalls are complete with thatched or zinc roof as if they are still in the 1960s. However, the food served comes piping hot!

The new and upcoming version of hawker food/cuisine is food court centre with more than 20 food stall operators under one roof. Don’t be surprise to find food court that has 50 food stall operators! Therefore, there are plenty of choices for you to choose from. However, please bear in mind that generally these nice and cheap food might not be as “prestige” and “presentable” as restaurant food.

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You might want to check these coffee shops:

Hoe Kopitiam
2534-C, Tanjong Kling, 76400, Melaka.
Tel: 012-2634 394

This is one of the place to get a nice cup of Hainanese Brew Coffee, delicious seafood mee goreng, Yong Tau Foo and other food. My daughter & I love the kaya toast bread. Uniquely, this coffee shop also serve food to the muslim as they are pork free. Click here to read more about this coffee shop.


CoffeeShop beside Cheng Maybank

CityTurtle:Nyonya-Laksa Enjoying my favourite laksa at home.

Nyonya laksa lovers! This is the coffee shop for you to head for if you want to pampered yourself with spicy yet delicious Nyonya Laksa. I would advice you to try this Nyonya Laksa either for breakfast or brance. Don't plan to purchase this laksa for lunch as it will normally be sold out by 1.00p.m.

The "Wan Tan Mee" stall is another good bet as it is relatively delicious. Don't blame me for this comments or lack of comments under the Wan Tan Mee category as I don't really like to eat this dish....


Kedai Makanan Jia Jia

Jalan Delima 1, Bukit Beruang Melaka.

CityTurtle:fried-crockle-noodle The delicious fried crockle noodle

The hawker stall that you must not miss is: Fried crockle noodles stall. The food served might not be very presentable, however, it taste superb. I have been to this shop mainly for the fried (Kuey tiow + mee) crockle noodles since I came across to this stall accidentaly during my pre-natal checkup.

Out of 10 times I am there, there's only one time when the fried crockle noodles doesn't taste superbly delicious. That day, it just tasted good.



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